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Patras Wireless Network

The 1st Community Wireless Network Ever Established in Greece

Patras Wireless Network (PWN) is an open network of wireless users, that is based on 802.11b technology. The purpose of its existance is mostly experimental, focusing on budget wireless devices operating under Linux. Founders' main effort is to evaluate the performance of the TCP/IP protocol suite, over error-prone wireless links, while applying several protocol boosters at the link layer. PWN is located at Patras Greece, targeting the wider area of the city of Patras. Learn more regarding our activities browsing the pages of this site. Anyone is invited to use PWN, but read and accept this disclaimer.

Find inside the WiCCP specification and implementation. Also find info about WiFiAdmin project.

"People lack many things: jobs, shelter, food, Health care and drinkable water. Today, being cut off from basic
telecommunications services is a hardship almost as acute as these other deprivations, and may indeed reduce the
chances of finding remedies to them." -

UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan