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Another great choice for client-side installation is DWL-810 that was recently tested. We conducted several measurements, that shown pretty good performance of this device. At an average, throughput was 620 kbytes/sec (4.96 Mbits/sec) between a fixed host, and a DWL-810 equiped client (indoor, perfect LOS conditions).

Here is a view of the DWL-810 ethernet-to-wireless bridge client, that has just arrived.

Unscrew two screws at the bottom, and you can easly reach the pcb.

A view of the internals. You can easly mount an N-type connector for an external antenna, using the existing coaxial cable. A second antenna connector can be fitted on empty pads.

Two board architecture: the lower consists of the UBICOM IP2022 processor, while the upper uses Intersil chipset. Boards are connected, possibly, using the ISA bus support of the IP2022.

Our modification: Water and UV proof case, power supply capable to provide 5V at 1A output, with a range of 7V to 12V both AC or DC as input. A thorough constructional description for Power Over Ethernet technic at NYCwireless

Another version of the modification. This one includes PowerOverEthernet (POE) pcb inside the box. Attached, the POE pcb for the PC side.